Thursday, November 12, 2015

Autumn Splendor in My Backyard and An Update

Good Morning all :) Its been a late start to the day for me! What can I say, its been a a busy few weeks at my end and everything is out of control. Sigh....

Yesterday, after a long time, I pulled out my camera and indulged in a mini photo shoot :) It was therapeutic to spend time with my camera :) Diwali is always a big deal in my home. With my parents here, its extra special :) While my home is all spruced up for the festivities my backyard is a complete mess!! Its been raining incessantly, and the big tree behind my house is constantly shedding leaves! As a result the backyard is strewn with leaves in a myriad hues! I could not resist stepping out in the cold, armed with a hot cup of black coffee! 

Ah ! The cool crisp air, the pretty leaves, the hazelnut coffee had me mesmerised. As you can see....... I went a bit crazy :)

It was Diwali :)

I am signing off now. I  will be back soon with some shiny new items coming soon to The Shop At My Dream Canvas :) i have missed you all. How have you been??

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