Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Charming Home in The Heart of Delhi

There are some homes where the pictures say it all. This home is certainly one of them. I first mentioned this house in a post two years ago. The home belongs to Nishi Bahadur and her family They are family friends and have known my parents for decades! "Nishi mami" as I call her, is an elegant and charming lady and her home reflects her personality!

The layout of the house to me is reminiscent of  an old "haveli". It is hard to imagine that  this oasis is in the middle of South Delhi. I was floored by the architecture especially the "aangan" (verandah) that the living room opens out to. My mom has told me how stunning the place looks when they host a Diwali party and the room is filled with twinkling candles! Sigh...

This is a house filled with family heirlooms. Curios, paintings and one of a kind artifacts  add elegance and warmth to the space! Every corner looks classy and radiates with old world charm!

Step into this home and prepare to be mesmerized just the way I was! Thank you Nishi mami for sharing your home with my readers :)

Here are just a few pictures I took of the home two years ago. It was evening, so I could only manage a few!


My favorite part of the house, the lovely  aangan"

Images: Photographs taken by me and subject to copyright

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