Sunday, June 5, 2016

Suzani's At William Dalrymple's Delhi Farmhouse

Suzani's continue to rule the design world and I spotted it yet again :) I am sure most of you know of the writer and historian William Dalrymple! Through Architectural Digest we get a look into the Dalrymple's ’family farmhouse in Delhi. Color and warmth fill their beautiful home and my favorite textile features predominantly in the home :)
The house is filled with books, objets d’art, framed miniature paintings, and beautiful family photographs. The author's wife Olivia Fraser, herself is a talented watercolor artist with a keen sense for color and design. Here are a few pictures of their home that caught my eye....striking, don't you think?

My weekend was lovely. I go to meet a long time customer of my little boutique. She was visiting Seattle to meet her family from North Carolina. Luckily we met for a quick  chat and she even bought a few more things:) Its such a lovely feeling when my little finds at the Shop At MDC find appreciation and love :)

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who stop by My Dream Canvas!

Here's wishing you a great week ahead!!

Images: Architectural Digest and subject to copyright!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, am a big fan of William and his body of work. I have a soft spot for India given I was born there (1945 Polish background) emigrated 1947, but was fortunate to also work there prior to retirement.

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