Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Designer Sabyasachi's Home

Hello there! We have officially declared summer in my part of the world! Memorial Day weekend just came to an end! At the MDC Casa we spent it surrounded by friends, threw in a trip to a lighthouse and a wee bit of shopping :) 

 I recently spotted the images of the famous designer's Sabyasachi's home in Kolkata, India. Sabyasachi's clothes and his tastefully decorated stores have been seen on the web for a while now. However, this is the first time we get a peek into his personal space! I was blown away by the vintage goodies that adorn his home......sigh!! What struck me the most is the sheer simplicity of his home, combined with character and warmth!

The entire feature is available on Architectural Digest and you don't want to miss it. To quote : Interior design is clearly divided between those who love old things, and those who do not. Mukherjee is one of the former. As he puts it, “I have a peculiar relationship with age—I welcome it.” 

Now what is not to  love about that :) I surround myself with so much that is old that it completely resonates with me!!

I will let the images speak for themselves....

As I am heading to India in a few weeks, this lovely spread of home cooked food makes me want to be there today :)

Are you as smitten as I am :)

Images: Architectural Digest and subject to copyright


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