Monday, May 2, 2016

A Home Tour Coming Your Way and An Update From My Life

How are you doing? I have a gorgeous home tour coming your way to make up for my long absences from the blog! What can I say, life gets in the way at times! I am trying to balance my life as a mommy and an entrepreneur! Running a small business is both taxing and rewarding and keeps me on my toes :)

My kids are growing up and I am trying to keep up with them. They are at an interesting age where they have so any questions! My seven year old heard her big brother talk about "saturated fats" and has decided that she needs to check the label on just about everything and discuss it with me! I am rolling my eyes here!! My almost eleven year old son is into cars, has opinions and questions about the upcoming elections and recently looked at an picture I took and said "hash tag awesome" As you can see I have my hands full :)

As a family, we have always decided to hike every Sunday! Nothing major, just family friendly hikes not too far from home! We did one this Sunday and enjoyed it immensely! I am on a spring cleaning state of mind and therefore making several trips to Goodwill the past few weeks.

That is the news at my end.....

Stop by and say hello and enjoy the week ahead!


AB said...

The hike every Sunday sounds too good. It should be the best stress buster of all.

Shell said...

Anu, We decided the same too - hike every Saturday :)
It must be the wonderful Seattle weather so early ( I live in Seattle(Redmond) too ) :)
Last week we did Lincoln park which we loved.

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