Monday, April 25, 2016

Thank you Nomadic Decorator

My little boutique "The Shop At MDC" has been a dream come true! It has been so fulfilling and gratifying to personally hunt down treasures for your homes! Recently, I heard from a loyal customer who mentioned that she has not been back to India for ten years and by buying my brass collectibles she feels closer to home! I was touched to say the least!

 Another delightful surprise came from Deb from Nomadic Decorator. Deb bought these brass tribal spoons from my store! She is a super talented lady and a wonderful source of inspiration. If you have not been following Nomadic Decorator you are missing out and you should bookmark it right away!  
Deb has used a simple and extremely effective DIY to display these striking brass spoons using a silk lined picture frame. Hop on over to her blog to view her entire post! She has a beautiful home and I am so thrilled to see the brass spoons displayed beautifully in her living room! 

 I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me in this journey. The life of a small business owner and entrepreneur is challenging and yet all of you make it all so worthwhile! 

 Thank you Deb for loving my find :) 

Images: Nomadic Decorator and subject to copyright.

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deb said...

Hi Anu, thank you so much for sharing this project! Your products in your shop are gorgeous and I'm happy to let people know about them! Deb

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