Friday, September 30, 2016

A Free Spirited Home

Sigh! I am drooling over the home of Jennifer Harrison's from the fabulous brand FleaMarketFab! She has such an array of pretty things in her home. Somehow, she has effortlessly managed to arrange them to make her home look elegant and warm! I have always admired Jennifer's sense of style and color. I had bookmarked these images a few months ago to share with you! 

The home has immense beauty and yet manages to look cozy. That is an art when it comes to interiors! I am not too fond of the staged look. Some homes have nice things but  they manage to look too fussy, tad overdone or just plain sterile. Do u know what i mean? This space however is truly a dream :) I love the natural light in every room and the pop of colors and the plants all around!

What do you think? What's the most important thing you strive for when you are decorating your space ? Are you inspired.... and what is the one key element that appeals to you looking at these pictures? I would love to know?

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Susan said...

I think the light and brightness, plus colors, appeal to me most in the photos, Anu. Very lovey home. Susan

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