Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fabulous Finds : LOLA Y TULA

I love pretty things especially for the home :) So, when I stumble upon a site that has a array of gorgeous stuff... I am a happy gal! I have travelled to Mexico a couple of times and have always been fascinated with its rich culture and traditions. 

Lola Y Tula is a site dedicated to the legacy of two Grandmothers! Gardenia, the Grand daughter has created a store to honor and remember their legacy and spirit. You can read the entire story here.
I love the personal story of Lola Y Tula ! All the items in the store are handpicked by Gardenia. In her words "These items are more than just products, but precious gifts that tell a story of the hands who made them, that champion different regions of folk art in Mexico"

This is just a peak into what Lola Y Tula offers......

I am finding it hard to pick a favorite :)

Images: Lola Y Tula and subject to copyright.

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Susan said...

Hello Anu...The arts and crafts of Mexico are so lovely and colorful, as you have shown. Thank you for doing that. Susan

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