Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Timeless Collection

Its no secret for those who know me that I have lifelong love affair with flea markets, auctions, thrift stores and antiques stores. In fact, going to such places is becoming a way of life for me! I buy things for my customers, my friends and of course for myself! What can I say, I have a gazillion excuses to go shopping :)

I have said this before....I like the idea that I am curating a collection that have history and soul. They add character to my home and hopefully to the homes of my clients! Call me old fashioned, but I cannot resist things that have an old word charm! Being trendy of course is fabulous.... but there are things that are stylish and have a timeless beauty and they appeal to me the most!

This vintage beauty below will be listed in my store soon! However, I have a question for you.....if this was in your home, how would you use it?

It will be fun to hear from you. please leave your comments below :) I am so excited to hear your thoughts!!

Image: My Dream Canvas

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