Monday, July 10, 2017

The Pretty Italian Parasol and a Little Girl :)

Hello there! I have been missing in action as its summer! I have slowed down too just like everything else :) Its been a couple of weeks of traveling and now I am home with my parents. En route, we made a brief stop in Italy. My son has been fascinated with Venice for a while and wanted to see it. Having been there before, hubby and I decided to do the trip just for him! There is something nice about going back to a place as there is no fixed agenda! For us, we enjoyed spending time doing absolutely nothing in the most pleasant way! It was truly La Dolce Vita :)

While walking around San Marco, my little one spotted this cream lace parasol and we bought it for her. She twirled it around with a spring in her step, as she discovered Venice and the islands of Murano and Burano! I followed her around clicking pictures and soon it became our thing :) 

We were so fortunate that the days were filled with sunshine though the heat was sapping! My love affair with Italy I yearn to be back every single day :)

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