Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Moodboard As A Headboard

Have you ever thought of creating a mood board? I have been thinking of using an entire wall in my study area to do just that! However, a mood board headboard is quite a novel idea and I absolutely love it. The lovely blogger Tessa Barton has created one in her small apartment in New York and its absolutely perfect. Imagine getting up every morning to see such a happy and cheerful space! An ever changing canvas of all things happy, pretty and Oh! so inspiring!

Did you notice the pillow in the first image? It says " No Bad Days", now that would certainly bring a smile to my face :) Simple yet effective, it is a good motto to live with.... what say??

I am excited about working on my own mood board soon! What about you? Do you have one? If you were to create one, what would it be about? It would be fun to share some ideas...

You can follow Tessa via Instagram to know more about her and to view pictures of her lovely home!

On a completely different note, have you checked out the shiny new collection at The Shop At My Dream Canvas :)

Images: 1-7 Micasa and subject to copyright and Image 8 Copyright My Dream Canvas

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