Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Home Tour: Pratiksha's A House By The Bay

I am so thrilled to bring you a delightful home tour on MDC today! I have been blogging for 9 years now. As part of this journey, I have spent numerous hours on Pinterest, Instagram and reading decor blogs.  The one thing that I have learnt  through this process is how much talent and creativity is out there. The best way to experience this is via home tours. I have have been fortunate enough to feature some beautiful homes on MDC. It has been a wonderful privilege to peek into the homes of some incredible women who have created their perfect oasis.

In my opinion, we all live pretty ordinary lives.... where we go about our daily routine with a sameness that can seem mundane.  However, through our passion and creativity we create homes that reflect our personality, it becomes a haven for our loved ones..... and somehow our ordinary becomes extraordinary. For me, my home is my magical cocoon, an escape from the humdrum of daily life. Yes, I do tend to romanticize a lot :) but then again..... don't you feel the same away about your home?

Today, the home featured here, is one that I feel has effortless charm! Its pretty, its bright and airy and the home shouts "happy"  Pratiksha Tandon's "A House by the Bay"  is warm and inviting and completely drool worthy :)! So go ahead and take a peek ....as every corner of her house makes me smile :)

Here is Pratiksha's home and style described in her own words " I am an Architect and an Interior designer by profession currently living in the Bay area. My design aesthetic has evolved over the years, from living in different parts of north India then traveling to the East coast and now finally the West. Having lived in apartments throughout I realized the value of having limited functional pieces of furniture which are versatile in their use. I personally like bright, clutter free spaces. I believe one can make any space beautiful by using things one already owns without indulging in expensive decor pieces and with a little bit of creativity and an eye for good composition. In addition to that, I love layering different colors, textures, prints and fabrics in my styling.

Well said Pratiksha! A well layered home without too much clutter is the way to go..... and you have achieved it beautifully.

Thank you for sharing your world with us. Do follow Pratiksha on Instagram for some wonderful inspiration!

Images; Copyright A House By The Bay

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