Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Design Inspiration Sincerely Sarah D

I am now in my tenth year of blogging and it has ben an incredible journey. There has been so much of learning, inspiration that has come along the way. The reason I choose to call my blog "My Dream Canvas" is because, I like to think of my home as a canvas bringing my thoughts to life. We are all individuals, with our own identities, and are home should reflect that individuality. When I stumbled upon Sarah's home pictureS, I instantly felt a connection. I love the fresh, clean and elegant look. The white washed walls with the pops of color look perfect. While every home is different, and people's design ethos vary, we connect with some more than others. 

More than these images, its her thought process that resonates with me even more. Her decorating philosophy is a good read " Although it's taken me awhile to get to this point, I realize that not everyone is going to love my design style, and that's okay!  I have grown to appreciate different design styles.  We don't all dress alike, and honestly it would be such a boring world if we all decorated and dressed the same. As a result, I've come to really appreciate (and follow) designers who have a different design sense.  I realize I can find inspiration from their designs!"

I could not agree more! Designing my home for me is extremely personal, and thats what I love most about it :)

Sarah has a lovely blog and her Instagram feed has lots of delightful pictures. 

Sigh....if only all the shoes in my home home looked as pretty :)

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