Monday, March 2, 2020

A Storytellers Abode in Pune

March has arrived and it brings with it the promise of Spring :) This is an exciting month as we get ready to celebrate two birthdays.  My blog and I celebrate our birthdays together in March:) I can promise you a series of celebrations concluding with a massive giveaway this month :)

To kickstart the celebrations, I am so excited to bring you an awesome home tour from Pune, India. I have featured a number of homes on my blog with one theme in common. Almost all the homes, have an effortless charm that is  truly inspiring. I particularly love homes that have a warm and serene vibe without being overdressed. A subtle approach to design and decor is not something that is easily achieved and yet this home seems to have mastered it.

This delightful home belongs to Sharmila Patil who is based in Pune, India. I asked Sharmila to describe her home in her own words. So here goes....

 "I am an artist, a creator, a wife, and a mother. Not always in that order. I am a feeler who is driven by love and emotion. I'm forever in search of lots of natural light and all things handmade. As an artist, home decor is something that comes naturally. It's more about how the space feels rather than how it looks. The Instagram feed is my little way of sharing the joy of a simple but elegant space, a space that tells stories of a 6 month old puppy, a 4 month old kitten, and a toddler. The space grows with our needs, matures with us, and changes with the season with just a few tweaks here and there. The beauty of simplicity is sometimes under appreciated and that is what I am here to change. Our home has more of a farmhouse feel with lots of brown wood furniture and pure white walls adorned with Parisian inspired moulding and absolutely no false ceilings. We have lots and lots of cushions and throws and all the possible natural light we could get in. Every corner tells a tale and every mistake is our own. So join in on our journey and share the love"

To follow Sharmila's journey follow her via Instagram @sincerestoryteller.

With so many beautiful images of her home to pick from, here's one that exudes a lovely spring vibe.......

Every corner of her home has a dreamy and whimsical quality to it. Have you ever walked into a home and felt like you have walked into a fairytale? Well, for me this one feels like that :) 

Loving this view....bright and airy, with a splash of glamor and sophistication

Thank you Sharmila for inviting us into your home :) 

All images Copyright: @sincerestoryteller 


Savita Krishnamoorthy said...

Thank you, Sharmila and Anu for inviting us into this beautiful home. I can so relate to this design/decor aesthetic. My kind of warm, cozy, and effortlessly charming home.

Arun said...

Dear Anu, It is always very exciting to see another person’s creativity in setting their own homes and thanks to you, we get to see Sharmila’s Journey. This is a beautiful initiative to showcase another creator through your page and I should say you have done a wonderful job and every picture has captured the most trending styles that Sharmila has instilled in the house. For some similar wedding trends visit

Unknown said...

where is this house located? which apartment ?

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