Monday, March 23, 2020

Deepika's Creative Pursuits. saffronandaisies and isan_pottery

These are troubling times and people around the world are suffering. Social distancing has become the new norm. During this time, it is also so important to stay calm and healthy. While we cant meet up, live life like we normally do, we can certainly stay home and spend some time looking at pretty things :) We can also drop by virtually into people's homes :) I am thrilled to showcase the home and creativity of a lady who has been an online friend for years. She and I exchange quick messages almost on a daily basis on Instagram. You can only imagine how much we will have to chat about, if we were to meet in person :)

While I have always admired Deepika's warm personality and her home, I am in awe of her passion and talent when it comes to pottery. Intrigued? Read on to know more about Deepika creative journey in her own words.....

"I am Deepika and actively share snippets of my home, recipes and pottery on Instagram. I started microblogging a few years ago to share pictures of  the progress while I was decorating my home. I was pleasantly surprised with the positive reaction and started sharing more . We moved to Texas 3 years ago. At the time, I began to feel the stress of starting over in a new place all over again. I started taking pottery lessons on Saturday mornings ( I waited 10 years to do this ) and never looked back ! I love making things with my hands. I don't worry a lot about the final product, but the process of making the pieces gives me immense satisfaction. Oh! The joy of holding and using something you have made with your hands is indescribable !

 Today I am also sharing a few pictures of my Pooja room. The biggest investment here is a custom made mandir that took about 4 weeks from concept to the finished product. Each panel is hand carved and was made in such a manner that it could be shipped packed in parts back to the US . My husband assembled it back together with a few nails. I feel so lucky to have met this carpenter who knew exactly what I wanted. The rosewood secretary  and the chest are facebook market place finds. It took me two years to find it and that too for a great price. The seller bought it back from Saudi Arabia and decided to sell as she was downsizing. I’ve learnt over the years to only bring pieces that I absolutely love into my home. I lean towards a well curated place. I stay away from simply filling it up with things that I will want to change again in a few years. There is a satisfaction in knowing that you found what you absolutely love. This room is filled with sweet little gifts and DIYs that make my heart sing. The dasavatara set was a gift from my cousin, the original Saraswathi was gifted by another cousin , the window film was put in place by me and the little bird hanging was a gift from my husband from his travels. The yellow letter holder is a repurposed ikea letter holder. The room was painted by my niece and husband . The paintings were found in the attic, the curtains are actually $10 table clothes I found in an outlet store that I repurposed as curtains . The chair came from the same outlet , repurposed with kalamkari fabric from my stash . The pen holders except the green lady  are (25 cents thrift store finds ) and are made by me.
This space is a labor of love. It  has special memories from family and friends incorporated into it.  I feel like I’m enveloped in a warm hug when I walk into this room ! The room is off the main entrance and is the first thing guests see when they come over. The  theme has always been cheerful, happy and warm like the rest of my home."

Here are a few stunning pieces from Deepika's pottery collection. To follow her creative journey, do join her on Instagram.  Her insta handle Saffronanddaisies is filled with color, warmth and creativity. Isan Pottery is where she posts pictures of her gorgeous pottery. You can reach out to her to purchase these beauties. I am a proud owner of one of her pieces myself :)

Another striking feature of Deepika's home is this green accent wall. This is the story of how the wall came about in her own words......

"The green wall came into existence as it was the only wall I could paint with an accent color. I had just got some beautiful custom made curtains and therefore I was itching to paint it blue  (my favorite color) I got many samples from the paint store but I couldn’t find the exact color I wanted. During that time, I remembered the uppada saree in my stash. I decided to get a sample color matched to the green saree .  I tried on the paint and sent pictures to my  friend Kriti for her opinion. She said yes and I went to town:) My husband tries often to coax me to change it to black, but I have been resisting!! The masks are from our trip to Mexico, some from Trove Craft India, the ceramic plaques are made by me, the bull head is from Yellow Verve in Hyderabad . Being a potter myself, I love supporting small businesses and independent artists.  I understand the effort and workmanship that goes into each handcrafted piece . The bench is a find from a local store and the pillows are from my studio. I got the kalamkari block printed especially for these covers . The mirror is a Pier 1 find."

Thank you Deepika for sharing glimpses of your lovely, warm and vibrant home. All the best for your creative journey :) This virtual tour has definitely been my much needed break from reality and I hope it does the same for you :) Stay Calm and Carry On!!

Images : Copyright : Deepika Dhoolypala.


Gwen Simmons said...

So Lovely! I love it all, but particularly the window vignette. The film is perfect with her decor.

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Dippydottygirl said...

Beautiful interiors, the green accent wall, the stained glass (which I have a soft spot for usually) window...Deepika is a dab hand at pottery by the looks of her fine products. I am eyeing that stunning blue mug. x

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