Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Proud Daughter

Blogging gives me a wonderful platform to express my everyday thoughts. Today I was on the Internet and came across some interesting information about my mother. This is an abridged form of a paper presented by Dr. Prem Kumar who talks about sports in Patna. I quote from his paper : "An Overview of the Glorious Past "
"The talk of Badminton brings to mind several Inter-University Championship held in Patna at the Wheeler Senate Hall. Patna's best ever display in the Varsities Badminton came during the Zonal championship held here in the mid 60's. The brilliance of Madhu Sinha (MOM), grand daughter of Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha titled the scales in favour of Patna in the East Zone finals. She not only won both the singles but also teamed up effectively with Miss Sharan to clinch the doubles. It was a pity that due to some personal reasons the girls could not go to Bombay for the Inter-zonals and play for further glory."
As a daughter I am aware about her passion for sports. However this reference to her outstanding performance definitely gives me a high. I am one proud kid!


Shalini said...

So nice to see you blogging! In fact, Mama was just telling me today about your blog!

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks Shalini. Its great to connect with you. I heard about your blog from Vidura and its great. He and Amma have wanted me to do this for a while. I just began..but I guess better late than never:-) Your home looks lovely.

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