Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Heirlooms

I love old things especially family heirlooms. Antique heirlooms are an integral part of my home. I am proud of them and curious about how and when it came into the family. My mother gave me a few pieces of a Royal Cauldon dinner set a few years ago. These were bought in England by my Great Grandfather in 1930's and shipped to India. His home had a dining table which seated 48 people at a time. I presume this dinner set was used when he entertained on a grand scale. My quest to know more about these pieces led me to do some research . I have been able to gather a lot of information about the history of Royal Cauldon.
Cauldon Potteries manufactured china and earthenware at the Cauldon Place Works in Stoke-on-Trent in England. The owners of the Cauldon Works were " Potters to Her Majesty " and as a result Cauldon were able to adopt the branding Royal Cauldon in 1930. The printed backstamp " Royal Cauldon England Est. 1774 Made In England " was in use from 1930-1950. In 1962 the firm Cauldon Potteries Ltd. was divided and the porcelain side was continued by Coalport, which in turn is part of the well known Wedgwood group.
My prized collection..

A few other stunning pieces by Royal Cauldon :
Images courtesy : Replacements Ltd.


Aswathy said...

Hi Anuradha,
Found your blog from Arch's post.
Just started reading your posts. China n Pottery is probably something that fascinates me the most. Just cant have enough of them :)
Your heirloom collection makes me miss some of the things that I got from my grandfather.They are still in India though, i didnt want to risk damaging them while transporting.

My Dream Canvas said...

Hi Aswathy, I know its an effort carrying all this stuff from India. Luckily they made it here in one piece so well worth it. I actually hand carried 50 wine glasses nearly 90 yrs old from India too!

trueblue said...

Wow !! On one of my recent trips to India, i was trying to dust em up and ended up breaking one of them . Joe, My husband, did a rather good job at gluing it back together ( it was a gold inlaid saucer from russia, and it is okay cos it is going to be a display piece anyway).it looks perfect now ..but I dont even want to move them from where they are now."once bitten ,twice shy" :)

Brabourne Farm said...

Hi Aswathy

What a beautiful collection to own with such a wonderful history! Thank you for linking to my blog.

Leigh @ Brabourne Farm

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks Leigh. Not sure if you meant me or Awasthy! Its great to connect with you and I love your blog.

Ankit said...

Nice pics .. you seems to be a collector ..

My Dream Canvas said...

Thanks Ankit. I was lucky to be given these by my parents.

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