Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tea Time Series Part 2

Happy Thursday to all :-) As promised, do join me for Part 2 of the Tea time Series on My Dream Canvas.
Today, I am visiting my friend, Erum Kazmi aka Nahal for a cup of tea in her lovely home. Nahal, as her friends call her, lives in Omaha, Nebraska. I am completely in awe of Nahal's sense of style. Nahal, is an extremely talented photographer and her work can be viewed on her flickr photo stream here.
Looking at these lovely pictures, I am so tempted to fly down and have a cup of tea with her now :-)

Thank you Nahal.

On a personal note, this is going to be a busy weekend for me. I am attending my son's graduation. He is four years old and he is graduating from pre-school :-) There is a party in school followed by a picnic. I am so looking forward to it! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget to sign up for the CSN Giveaway!! I will pick the winner on Sunday.

Images courtesy : Erum Kazmi


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing such a talented person's Photostream with us. :)

Sudha said...

thank you for sharing her flickr...i have been a fan of her work for a while now :)...her pictures are very inspiring

GB said...

Wow, Anu- her pictures are fabulous- so warm and inviting. I'm totally tagging along for tea at this party! :)

Enjoy your lil guy's graduation (my lil one is five now, and he graduated from his preschool last year:)) -these are such precious moments, they go by so soon.

I started my blog this week- I'd love it if you could drop by.


Shalini said...

Lovely to see Nahal's home featured here. Love the warmth of all the shots.

My Dream Canvas said...

Shweta: Thanks so much for stopping by.
Sudha and Shalini: Nahal's pictures are really beautiful, it was tough to pick a few :-)
Gagan; thanks again..will definately stop by and congrats on your blog.

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