Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few of my favorite things!!

I was a voracious reader as a kid. Alas.........those days are long gone! These  days I only get to read Thomas, Dora and Barney to my kids :-) I do go to the library to pick up books........but more than often they go back unread!! Is my passion dying? I don't think so......but it is certainly on a break. Here is a snapshot from my home. My ideal day would be spent with a cup of tea and a good book or the eternal classics :-)

What about you? Do you take out the time to read books the old fashioned way?



Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Lovely pictures!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Dora and Barney..sounds similar Anu :D..Nice pics!

Kamini said...

Lovely pics! And yes, I do! Always have a book to read.....and plenty more on the shelves! Like you for about 5 years all I read was Bernstein Bears and Noddy and Enid Blytons....but think about it....each time you're reading a Thomas or a Dora or a Barney to them, you are instilling this love of reading in them, it is something they will have forever and never ever feel bored! Reading is a great hobby to have!

Robin Johnson said...

I love reading. A good mystery can have me forgetting I have kids to feel! LOL Also like decorating books. I spend hours pouring over the pictures and reading everything.

Desire Empire said...

Hi Anu

I can totally relate. I am in a book club and I am having trouble starting the book for next month cause I am now hooked on this blogging.

I absolutely loved your shots and your choice of books.

Also thanks so much for visiting me

payal said...

hey, thanks for visiting Hues at 5, I absolutely loved your blog too.. will be following it...

talking about books, i too long to get to my corner to sit and read, but it's so hard to fish out enough time, but now since you mentioned , i too will try to take out good quality time to read :)

My House, My Garden said...

Oh, everyone tells me to get a kindle. No way! :)
I love turning the pages when I read a real book. I love to read books and decorate with books.

Beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting me at my blog also.

Sound Horn Please said...

I hear you- the routinely borrowing books and returning them unread. I used to be a voracious reader too, to the point that my parents worried that I might turn into a loner :)

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