Thursday, June 23, 2011


Summer is here!!!! The Pacific Northwest has a very short summer, and yet we know how to make the most of it. Art fairs, flea markets, outdoor movies, barbeque's by the lake, gorgeous views of the mountains in the distance, yachts dotting the coastline......I could go on and on.........what can  I is a lovely time of the year!

My son is out of school .......and summer means also means that the noise level in my house increases by leaps and bounds:-) Its amazing how the sound of two brats squealing and running around the house can be both frustrating and delightful at the same time :-) My parents are here, the kids are home and it promises to be an exciting summer. I am trying really hard to focus on the endless list of chores and errands I need to tackle but its hard and I am easily distracted! I guess the summer needs to be enjoyed and I should shove the work aside and enjoy the days ahead.........

So lets dream a little together shall we..... and step away from reality. Do you dream of a summer home? Where would it be...... and what would it be like. I am very fickle and keep changing my mind about where this idyllic home might be. However, I am certain about a few things.....I need my family and friends around me, books, music, good food and of course my blog:-)

This summer house in Cantabria, up on the Northern coast of Spain looking out to the Cantabrian Sea seems almost perfect doesn't it??? I love the splash of color against the white walls. It has a happy and warm vibe to it. I would love to hear about your idea of a summer home........ and where it would be ??? So do drop me a line....I will be waiting!!

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Simran said...

The house looks beautiful!!! But I'm sure these ppl don't have kids or else it couldn't look like this *wink wink*

Bruce Barone said...

Near the beach. Maybe Rockport, MA.
Or on a lake in New York State.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I like.. I like.. 2nd and 3rd image.. very me! I could be there all day!! :-)

Shanthi said...

After I booked my ticket to India - I suddenly realized the mistake I did. Summer is the time to be in my part of the world and live by the Norwegian fjords and winters by the blue seas :-)

Sumana @ Colors In My Mind said...

Loving all the pictures, especially the third one. What can I say, I love colors !!!
And I am with Simran, I think they don't have "kids ". My idea of a summer home would be by the lake in a cottage with all whites (totally out of my comfort zone)and of course there can be no kids. I have 2 brats like you :)

I have been reading your blog from quiet some time now but never made a comment. I love it here.

Deepa Gopal said...

Hi Anu

I came here, saw ur post...went back to think which is my fav summer home...but I couldn't think of any except my parents's place. Every summer we go back home on vacation,enjoy the rains there...sitting cozily drinking every now & then...enjoying ma's meals...chatting for hours together of this & that & all silly things...of things past...of future...everything under the sun. Occasionally getting out on rickshaws to shop & drench in the rain...making all of my place familiar to my l'tl one & making her feel proud of her place. The list just goes on...but I think thts the best thing for me.
But I will love to see various places & all these gorgeous snaps often make me to get away from the routine & enjoy them.

I am really carried away:)
Good Day!

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