Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Wednesday and an update!

Hi! I am popping in to stay a quick Hello!! Here, its wet, cold and dreary and summer seems very far away. Hope your day is brighter than mine!! However, on another note.....I am elated!! My parents are visiting from India and very little bothers me these days. I am being pampered and spoilt silly, so I have no complaints :-) My mom is cooking up a scrumptious meal as I type away.....and as you can see I am distracted :-) We have some fun road trips planned this summer and I am praying for some better weather.

Now for an update on the "Shop" at My Dream Canvas. Its not a figment of my imagination :-) I have been procrastinating the last few months but now I plan to get it up and running soon. Do wish me luck....... I promise you a preview in a few weeks!!

Have a great day!! Here are a few flowers from my home coming you way :-)

All images : Mine


Sarmistha said...

You have such gorgeous brass wares!I just got a chance to see all your clicks at houzz , they are all so beautiful.I loved all your Buddha statutes.simply picture perfect:)

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Wish you good luck Anu and let us know more about the "Shop".
Enjoy every moment with your parents.

Susan said...

So happy your parents are visiting. I love Indian food so lucky you to have it made by your Mom! mmmmmmmm. Susan

Simran said...

Oh great!! Mine just visited and I had a super crazy busy yet loads of fun week!! :) Looking forward to the "shop" :)

Emreen said...

Have a great time with your parents... !!

Lovely shots - Love the blue bottle and the pretty flowers !!

Deepa Gopal said...

Dear Anu

It's great to be with mom visited a few days back. It was ecstatic! But when she left I was really in a bad shape. I feel so homesick even now...
The pictures are fab! Ur brassware is gorgeous!
Good Luck with the Shop:)

Unknown said...

Oh Dear Anu I love the blue bottle and the brass.
How great to have your family there. We had a great Father's day pool party on Sunday. We are all so blessed.

Sound Horn Please said...

All the best Anu! I hope to shop at the store soon :)

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