Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to Spain and day dreaming :-)

Today, as I was browsing through my inspiration folder I found this lovely home in Spain. I wonder how I missed posting it earlier!!! I love the thought behind this home. The owner spent many childhood summers in Costa Del Sol, Spain and came back here to build a home for herself.  I am sure like me, you will enjoy a peek into her warm and vibrant home filled with things collected during her travels to Morocco, England and Paris and visits to flea markets. She sounds like my kind of gal :-)

Don't you think.... It would be lovely to build a home where you spent your childhood vacations ? For me that would be a tough choice. I led a fairly nomadic life being an army brat :-) I moved around a lot .......I changed thirteen schools. I can almost see the shock on my son's face when I try and explain that to him :-)  As for my wish list of where I would like my goes.......

Delhi (India) any time of the year....Jodhpur (India) in the winter months......Kasauli, (India), in the summer months.....Amalfi (Italy) anytime of the year. Hawaii.....anytime of the year and of course Seattle which is home today :-)

Yes, the list is long, and totally impractical but hey.......nobody can stop you from making lists and dreaming :-)

So, do share your wish list with me and......till then enjoy this stunning home in Spain.

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Kamini said...

Barcelona! Right on La Rambla!! Thats where I would want to live. Next best would be Nob Hill in SFO! Third would be back in my condo on Alki beach in west Seattle!!!
What a lovely home Anu! Love that second pic.

Sharkara Jain said...

This is Lovely Anu, Thanks for sharing.. :)

Have a Beautiful Day and week ahead

Shanthi said...

I love that table setting in the 4th pic.

Nayana said...

I love that dining room in 4th pic..

Sudha said...

dreamy for sure...and yes, no harm in having a dream list ":)

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