Sunday, July 10, 2011

Luna Seas

Hello Monday to all of you! Let me introduce you to my new love.....yes, I am smitten and very much in love with a cute little cottage called Luna Seas! I came face to face with this delightful home on a recent trip to Vancouver Island, Canada. There, outside the little town of Sooke, was this dreamy little cottage waiting for me to stop by :-) We pulled the car to the side of the road and walked down the walkway and there it was.....paradise on earth!

A one bedroom, one bath oasis with magnificent views of the Pacific, the Olympic mountains and a sail boat or two in the distance. It was love at first sight for me :-) I could imagine writing a novel, painting a masterpiece, having a romantic affair with my husband (yes I am boring) or simply gazing out at the sea!!! I am not kidding when I say that I am a dreamer at heart :-) You can imagine how reluctant I was to get back into the car......and after we got back to the hotel I did some research about Luna Seas on the web. Luna Seas has no TV or internet......okay, after I heard that I knew that I might go a bit crazy  after a few days.........but as a vacation and a weekend getaway this would be absolutely fabulous!!! To know more about this cottage, read about it here

Here are a few of my memories captured through my camera lens of my new love "Luna seas"

All images : Mine. Please do not reuse without written permission.
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Rama Ananth said...

Beautiful place Anu, I would love to stay at least for one day in that cute little place. But
in season the rates are pretty expensive, and in off season the weather may not be very good.
So you got to see it, really good. I love, love, love it.

Sarmistha said...

What a lovely place!!A blue paradise.

Nayana said...

wow..beautiful place and shots are stunning!

Sumana @ Colours In My Mind said...

Maybe paradise is like this :)

Sapadu to random musings.😁 said...

Beautiful pics.. Loved the colors..

notyet100 said...

Wow luv the clicks

Anonymous said...

*sigh*... Yes!! dreams are surely made of these!!

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