Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and my Home

Yesterday, was officially the first day of Spring but I saw no signs of it :-) Today, though, I am happy to report that it does feel a lot like Spring! I woke up to my elusive friend the sun........ streaming through my window. A lovely way to start my otherwise hectic day.

Here's wishing you a beautiful day!

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Images : My Home


SreeBindu said...

beautiful shades & light =)

kala said...

I guess It is always a season of spring in MDC with ur splashy pictures!!!!i just love the way u put the flowers very unique containers :)

thistlewoodfarm said...

I, too, am wishing spring would arrive. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog.


ashreyamom said...

that's indeed a beautiful picture. a perfect composition of light and shade, use of space and object. i wish i too had such a nice window in my living room letting sun beam inside my house.. :)

Dora's Unique Touch said...

amazing photography

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