Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Musings and a Reminder

I usually like my Sunday evenings to be quiet and at home! Ha.....that's really never the case. If I am lucky there might be a few hours of down time. This is usually followed by the hysteria of preparing for the week ahead. Find the backpacks, lunch boxes......the elusive socks that are almost always missing with a 6 and a 3 year old :-) Check homework, make sure there are groceries for the week ahead......the list is endless :-)

If Mr MDC and I can squeeze in some TV time before we get the kids to bed and NOT doze off ourselves, then I would call it a productive evening :-) As you can see it is not all glamor at the MDC Casa :-) Realities of life take over! Yet every once in a while, we step away and slow down to enjoy the simple things in life.

For us as a family, we always enjoy a vacation- be it big or small. This weekend we drove three hours away from home into the mountains. We spent the night at a lovely town set around a glacier fed lake. It was a welcome break and pictures will follow. My allergies continue to bother me! However, here's my take on it. Why be stuck inside? Enjoy Spring as one should...... by heading outdoors!!

Here are some lovely images to shake off those Monday blues and bring some Spring into your life :-)

In a few hours I shall announce the winner of this lovely trinket box from the Shop at My Dream Canvas.

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Emreen said...

Beautiful images... Take care and have a great weekend !!

Unknown said...

bicycle pics are always a favorite...

kala said...

These pics are really amazing sply table for two pic n eagerly waiting to find out who is that luckyyy blogger ;)

Huesat5 said...

perfect place to picnic!niceee

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Man, I need to get an old bike to put in my garden and stare at! What is it about them that just looks so lovely?

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