Monday, August 20, 2012

The Home of Rafael Danish in Mallorca

I have featured so many homes from Mallorca, Spain that perhaps I should go there again soon :) Wishful thinking for now :) However, I have to admit that the homes that have repeatedly caught my eye have been from Spain :)

Here's a sneak peek into another home I like. I love the soft muted palette, the comfortable lived in feel and the warmth of this home. The owner Rafael Danish was mesmerised by the land and the beautiful scenery around. She decided to build her dream home here!! Rafael is proud of her haven. The best part, she is happy to rent the home out during the summer.

Are you loving this home as much as I am ?

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NanaDiana said...

Oh So Beautiful! Love that last exterior photo- xo Diana

Magical Homes said...

what a lovely, romantic looking home.

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