Monday, August 13, 2012

My Home and My City

Seattle has been blessed with a pretty good summer this year. There has been no rain in the forecast and temperatures have soared to over 80 degrees. We are certainly making the most of it. From road walking by the kids playing under the water sprinkler......yes we are doing it all :)  We have only a few more months to see the good old "Sun" in all its glory so might as well make the most of it :)

I love the sight of sunlight streaming through my window.....I never ever get tired of it :)

A walk along Green lake with my really is a nice way to spend the day!

Date night with hubby :) Finally saw a play after years at the Fifth Avenue theatre. This stunning bulding dates back to 1926 and is a landmark in Seattle. Kids spent quality time with the grandparents and loved every minute of it :)

Images : My Own

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lovelifeunderthesun said...

Time spent in good company is always wonderful!Sometimes the simplest of things like taking a walk gives us so much of happiness.....liked your post and loved the images....

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