Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Remembering My Great Grandfather!

Hello there!! My Dream Canvas is primarily a lifestyle and design blog. However, it is also very much a part of me, who I am  and where I come from :) Today marks the 65th year of India's Independence. I would like to wish all my Indian readers across the globe a very Happy Independence Day.

As a kid my grandfather would help me make the Indian flag using paper, some glue, and a long stick :) I would spend hours coloring the flag and then wave it around gleefully :) Today, I am happy to share the significance of July 4th and August 15th to my kids. It is a nice feeling to call two countries home :)

This is a picture of my Great Grandfather (from my mother's side). The reason I am sharing this with you is because of his connection with India's Independence and the Indian Constitution. I am usually not one to share  a lot of information about my family on MDC, but today I just felt like it :) After all each and every one of you through MDC has become a part of my life!

His name was Dr Sachidananda Sinha. He was born in 1871. You can click Here to know more about him on Wikipedia. Here is some information about him that I am proud to share with you today.  He was a lawyer, orator, legislator, publicist, educationist and humanist.  He was a member of the Imperial Legislative Council and the Indian Legislative Assembly. In 1946 my Great Grandfather was made the first President of the Constituent Assembly of India.

Here's an interesting fact not known to many people. His last great act before passing away was signing the Indian Constitution on 14th February 1950. The Constitution was sent to Patna by Dr Rajendra Prasad (India's first President) as my Great Grandfather could not travel to Delhi due to his ill health. At a ceremony in his house attended by many dignitaries he signed the Constitution of India.

Every year at this time I think of this and wish I had known him! Fortunately I have collected a lot of information and photographs about him and his work. These are my prized possessions and a wonderful legacy for generations to come!

I apologise for the long post........I seem to have got carried away :)


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Sudha said...

oh my! anu..u def need to be proud :)

Unknown said...

Anu thanks for must be so proud to belong to such an eminent lineage. What an accomplished man....a barrister who studied law in London, in those days was no joke. And to sign the constituon of India....Save all those publications, letters, and memorabilia...they are precious.
Thanks for sharing...

Auro @ Add that Xtra in the Ordinary said...

Your lovely space here is a testimony of your fine lineage dear! Thanks for sharing..... a salute to that.
Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

thats some great news..anyway happy independence day dear.take care.a mail is pending.we were off to jaipur last week..back and usual lot of work at home..will write laksh

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