Monday, December 17, 2012

Come Fly With Me To Brazil

While I get ready for snow tomorrow and blizzard like conditions in the mountains close to home, I will fly out on a virtual trip. I invite you to come with me :) Come Fly with Me to Brazil ! This utterly delightful and gorgeous home is located in the small fishing village of Buzios.

Right on the beach, this home has undergone massive restoration by architect Mauro Cid. The family who bought this home vacationed in this lovely town for years. They finally decided to settle down there. The house was originally dark and dingy but came with a lot of potential for improvement. Today, with spectacular views from every room, this home has a relaxed vibe, a rustic elegance, and a secluded feel that the owners love! I am loving it too :)

Sometimes, I really wonder where people who live in houses like these go for  vacations :)

I would have no problems cooking..... if I had a kitchen like this :)

This would be the ideal blogging headquarters for My Dream Canvas :)


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Lakshmi said...

Great find, Anu. One of the best by miles I've seen in recent times. Honestly, like you said, where would they go for vacation, or is it like a year long vacation for them?

Essay Services said...

Wow! your home is amazing. it is very pleasant, cool and calm. I love to visit such a place.

Frederico said...

Beautiful House! I will be building a house on a beach in PerĂº. Would you be able to send me the layout of your house. Congrats!

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