Monday, December 3, 2012

My Home is My Canvas

I like to think of my home as an ever changing canvas that brings my thoughts to life :) You can clearly see why the blog is called My Dream Canvas :) I started this journey three years ago with the simple desire to create something for myself! Today, it has turned into a lifestyle blog focusing on design and decor! However, in the beginning all I did was take pictures of my home :)  My first canvas was my windowsill :) I would create little vignettes using things from my home. I used anything that caught my fancy that particular day :) 

I still have a lot of fun doing that. For me it is like reading a book, or sipping a cup of tea, Creating these little corners makes me happy and helps me de -stress :)

Some people might call it silly, perhaps even a waste of time. However, for me these are the simple joys of life!! I believe that if you do something that makes you feel relaxed and happy....... you should take some time out to do it! I know this can end up helping those around you as well . Just ask my husband and kids :)

Life is complicated...........and My Dream Canvas helps me simplify it a wee bit :) Here are a few pretty things I picked up from the Rosanna sale last Saturday! They sit happily on my windowsill today :)

Pretty new glasses from Rosanna and a paperweight that says dreamy!!


Rosanna coffee cups!!

Images : My Home

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NanaDiana said...

Love your photos and I am all about the coffee break!!! xo Diana

Susan said...

Hello Anu. Loveo that light purple glass in the window. Soooo pretty, patterns and all. Susan

Anonymous said...

I think that it is lovely to refer to your home as your canvas, you do make it artistically beautiful thats for certain, the purple glass is lovely!

Unknown said...

Hey Anu,
that dreamy paper weight is really interesting !


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