Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Few Fun Things On My Kitchen Shelf

Well.... this is technically not my kitchen shelf, but yes all this stuff is very much part of my kitchen. I spend so much of my time in my kitchen that I decided to add some cheer to it. My biscuit/cookie tin collection is growing thanks to my lovely sister in law who lives in the UK. The tins contain my favorite cookies, tea and a few other things. They are such fun :) I recently picked up the sign below at an art fair. Isn't it hilarious:)  My kitchen is filled with little knick-knacks that make me happy :)

So what's your latest obsession?? Mine seems to be cookie tins and fun signs :)

Images: My Home and subject to Copyright


ఇందు said...

Cute cookie tins :) when will u show ur kitchen in ur pics ? :)

Poppy said...

SO adorable! Love the mix of patterns and colours of the whole vignette. Very cozy...


Neha@ All things beautiful said...

I love the top most one:)

Bruce Barone said...

LOVE the little sign!!!

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