Thursday, August 29, 2013

Verandah Love

I have a thing for Verandahs. I would love to have a house which has a verandah wrapped around it :) A place to spend time with family, entertain friends, watch the sunrise, hear the birds chirping, read the newspaper, admire the sunset, enjoy the pitter-patter of rain, count the stars.....I could go on and on :)

A few of the houses I lived in had verandahs and so did my Grandmothers home. These two images evoke some wonderful memories. I have not been regular with blogging this week, its something that I hope to rectify soon. I have had a crazy few days and I am exhausted. Sometimes its nice to step away and come back rejuvenated.

Keep on smiling and see you around :)

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Susan said...

Hello Anu...I love verandas/porches, too. We just recently enclosed one with lots of windows and I am looking forward to sitting there in the autumn and even the winter! Susan

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