Friday, August 16, 2013

My Room Crush This Week

While I share many images on MDC.......some of them completely steal my heart :) From now on every week I plan to share my "Room Crush" with you.

My room crush this week is this home based in Spain. The living room with it myriad hues and the vintage textiles take my breath away! The rustic chic style really appeals to me! I particularly like the way the coffee table book is displayed. It brings back a lovely memory........of my Grandmother reading the Mahabharata to me. The book was placed in a similar manner on her bed while I sat next to her and she explained the story to me. The book was in Bengali and she would translate it for me. The book had beautiful pictures in it and I would love going through them :) Some childhood memories stay in your mind forever and this is one of the special ones :)

I could spend a lifetime sitting by this window and reading books! The floor cushions are so striking and make a statement. Do drop me a line and let me know if you like these rooms and why? Happy Friday my friends!!

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ఇందు said...

I love the second pic. Its super cool.

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