Monday, October 28, 2013

Decor Inspired by Nature (Diwali ideas)

Diwali, The Indian Festival of lights is a few days away. Diwali is usually a big celebration in my house. I miss India and my parents home even more this time of the year! However, over the years I have tried to recreate the magic of Diwali here in the States for my children! I am drawing inspiration from nature for my Diwali decor this year.

I have picked up these beautiful leaves that are strewn all over my backyard. The colors are perfect. The golden hues gives me my color theme for Diwali this year. The leaves act as a perfect backdrop for the shimmering tea lights. A simple and inexpensive way to create a vignette for Diwali. Do you like it? This can be idea for a Thanksgiving tablescape as well!

I promise to share a few other Diwali decor ideas on the blog this week. What is your most favorite childhood Diwali memory? I have tonnes.... and I shall share them with you soon!

Images: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright.


ఇందు said...

Hi Anu, thats really cool idea :) Do u still have those Red&Green tealight holders available @ ur shop? If so please do let me know!

Susan said...

Hello Anu...I think it's wonderful you are sharing your heritage with your children. I am unfamiliar with the Festival of Lights but am learning about it through you! Susan

Unknown said...

Wow, that was an amazing diwali inspiration. The photos are totally captivating. I love your choices of natural diwali decorations and I find it really inspiring. Thanks for sharing ideas.

Happy Diwali
- Lyn

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