Monday, October 7, 2013

Fiery Hues Come Close To Home

I am as passionate about photography as I am about home decor, if not more. I am not brilliant at it, but I love taking pictures. My camera is almost always with me as is my handbag :) These days I sit in my car and drive around trying to take pictures of the fall foliage around my neighborhood. Autumn has become my favorite time of the year. When I drive out of my house its like driving into a painting. The fiery hues beckon and I go crazy with my camera. My family is amused to say the least. I am sure the cars that pass me wonder who the crazy woman is standing in the middle of the road :)

Everyone needs a hobby and mine these days is chasing these colorful hues!!

Have a great week my lovely readers and see you around! I took these images on two different days, one day was sunny and the next day it was cloudy and dull.

Images: Copyright Anu Varma and cannot be reused under any condition.


Unknown said...

Beautiful images, Anu :) And yes, I can relate with that passion of clicking away madly, not bothering about people gawking at you. Haha !

Unknown said...

Nice photos. Dreamy!

Sarmistha said...


Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Looooove the colors! Your photos are spectacular, Anu!

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