Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hello From MDC

I am popping in to say a quick Hello! I have had a busy week with a few unexpected things thrown in and as a result I am a wee bit cranky :) I simply cannot wait for the weekend! Since I don't want to bore you to tears with my whining..... I shall put you out of your misery and stop this post right here :) This endless rain is bothering me..... but this image of my home a few days ago with the light shining through is helping me calm down :)

Hurrah for the arrival of Friday! Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Image: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu. Lovely pic. Just wondering which book are you reading right now? Enjoy the weekend :-)

Unknown said...

Anu, all the pics that you take are awesome but some just make me stop, take a moment, talk to me n then leave me wanting for more. This is one such.. I would love to spend the weekend just siting in that corner with only what u have provided:)) Happy friday and hope u have a good weekend.

My Dream Canvas said...

Thank you Archana, your comment made my day :)

My Dream Canvas said...

Hi Sahar, thanks for stopping by I am reading a historical series by by Ashok Banker.

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