Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Moments and Instagram

Hi there and a Happy New Week to you. I would like to greet you with a hot cup of tea :) I love everything about this image. From the heart, to the tea set to that book :) My weekend was rather eventful. My little one has been down with a bad cold that refuses to go away. She is five and keeps us on our toes :) I worked on my fist DIY project with hubby! We actually managed to change the upholstery of the breakfast nook dining chairs. I know this may not be such a big deal for you DIY Divas out there but for me it was, and it felt great :) I shall share the pictures soon.

Now back to this pretty cup of tea :)

To humor my little one we drove 20 minutes from home to see this....... She loves ferry boats and the water. It was a cloudy day and I took this picture from my phone! We drove there and back and she was all smiles :)

Sunday breakfast is a big deal in my house. Always has been since I was a child in my parents home. Today, we sat around the table and chatted for hours. It was the best part of the day listening to my children chatter incessantly :)

By the way I am now very active on Instagram and would love for you to join me. Follow My Dream Canvas on Instagram by clicking HERE!!

Have a super wonderful week!

Image 1 : El Mueble, Image 2 and 3 : My Dream Canvas


A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Lovely pic. And yes, Instagram is the place to be these days, I just followed you, Anu, in anticipation of gorgeous eye candy now and then :)

Shails said...

Such a beautiful capture! Wishing you more of such saturdays!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

wow beautiful photos. sunday breakfast is a big deal in my house too especially if it involves pancakes!

Shalini Pereira said...

As always lovely images Anu especially the one with the ferry... I'm on instagram too... so addictive and fun!

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