Saturday, March 15, 2014

Holi The Festival of Colors

It is that time of the year again......Holi, the Festival of Colors is here :) When I was younger and living in India, Holi was all about revelry and the onslaught of colors. The day where you get to smear color on your friends and family :) It is a fun and joyous event.

The celebrations last from morning till night. Today it is a lot different and relatively subdued. What I miss the most is my mom's fabulous cooking and the gifts we got from my grandmother. I long for those carefree days! I distinctly remember that I had colored nails for almost a week after Holi! I tend to get rather aggressive with the colors much to my friends dismay :) 

For Holi, I plan to cook for my family, smear them with a wee bit of color and keep the traditions alive :) A very Happy Holi to all those who are celebrating!!

Image: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright.

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A Treat for the Senses said...

Beautiful photography ! Have a great Holi ! :)

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