Monday, June 23, 2014

Decor Restlessness :)

Happy Monday everyone!

I am a restless person when it comes to decor. If something is bothering me, I won't settle down till I fix it :) My home has evolved over the years and most of it feels comfortable.  I try not to mess with it :) However, for a while now, I have wanted something suitable as a coffee table for my living room. Its not a large space. Since I hate clutter, it took me a while to even think of placing a table in the room.  My parents bought me this Afghan rug last year and its my pride and joy. I did not want it hidden under a large bulky piece of furniture.

Today I am smiling as it all comes together. I have placed a small glass round table that displays the rug under it perfectly. The room looks light and airy which is a look I am constantly trying to achieve :) Striking a good balance between dressing up a room vs making it look like a museum is very important don't you think?

For all you decor enthusiasts out there, what are you striving to achieve in your home or are you there? Do share your thoughts!

Images: My Dream Canvas via Instagram.

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A Treat for the Senses said...

Love everything about the images here. The rug is a beauty !

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