Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hello there! Its Sunday night in my part of the world. I am finally relieved. My furniture is back in the house where it belongs and not in the garage!! The past three days my home has been upside down, as we worked on some home improvement projects. Our home is now 8 years old and badly in need of some tender loving care :) We still have lots to do, but we have made a beginning :) Today was Father's Day and we enjoyed some good old fashioned family time at home! 

Here's wishing you a great week ahead. Stay tuned for exciting times at MDC!

Image: My Dream Canvas

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Susan said...

Hello Anu....When everything is back in place, you will feel so happy! It will all look so beautiful and the clean rugs will make you happy! Glad you had a nice Father's Day. Susan

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