Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Diwali Inspiration and A Fabulous DIY

I am astounded by the immensely talented people I get to know via the blogosphere. I am DIY challenged, hence when I get to know creative people I am completely in awe :)

Given that Diwali and Christmas is coming up soon I am thrilled to share this fantastic DIY with you. Roopini of Lets Make It Lovely wrote to me recently. She was searching on the web for Diwali decor ideas and came across my lotus tea light holders( shown in the second image). I remember many of my readers loved these lotus shaped tea light holders on stakes. I bring them out every year during the festive season! Roopina created her own lotus tea light holder shown in the first image using coke cans!! I am so impressed with her creativity and glad that she reached out to me!

You can view the entire tutorial on how to make these here. Roopini is a bundle of talent and her wonderful blog is filled with creative ideas. Thank you Roopini for sharing your DIY with me! 

Are you inspired to try these out for yourself ? 

Image 1 : Lets Make It Lovely and subject to Copyright
Image2: My Dream Canvas and subject to Copyright


Nayana said...

This is amazing. Looks very pretty!!

Aalayam Inspiration said...

oh vow! see - your blog is an inspiration!
great work roopini!


Roopini Varadaraju said...

Feeling privileged for being featured. Thank you so much for encouraging a new blogger like me. Appreciation from a prominent person like you is very motivating.
Let's Make It Lovely

the east coast desi said...

Creative and Brilliant !!! Love how these turned out.........

Disha Mishra Dubey said...

Anu, you know even I have been eyeing your Lotus since the day I saw it. Thank you so much Roopini for the wonderful tutorial. I am definitely going to try it :)

Shails said...

These are beautiful!!

Unknown said...

wow...what an artistic way to upcycle items Roopini....Beautiful and so very well done.
Anu, I see the gorgeous lotus and leaves... :)

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