Friday, October 10, 2014

Fabulous Finds " Bangdar Sarali"

I am delighted to feature "Bangdar Sarali"  based in New Delhi, India as this week Fabulous Find on My Dream Canvas! This venture has been started by two friends who quit their regular jobs to pursue their passion. Together they have embarked on a journey to create exclusive Experimental Fused Glass Jewelry - "Art that can be worn"

Bangdar Sarali endeavors to marry ancient European glass art techniques ( like Murano) with Indian motifs to create contemporary jewelry that is a true fusion of the two cultures. The vibrancy of colors and fluidity of shapes of fused glass art come alive in contemporary handcrafted designs, which are elegant and wearable. These distinctive accessories are truly unique by virtue of the technique of fusion used to create the pieces, which makes it impossible to recreate a design that is identical.

The two creators of Bangdar Sarali are Ikroop Dhillon, the fused glass artist and Pooja Roy Yadav, the jewelry designer. 

Connect with them on Facebook and visit their Website for more information!

Happy Shopping! 

The stunning Devi collection................  

Images: Bangdar Sarali and subject to copyright!


Unknown said...

Beautiful work!!

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

Stunners all! Especially the sunflower field inspired earrings

Anonymous said...

The jewellery is stunning!!

Unknown said...

Very unique and colorful

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