Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reminiscing With Mom ( Diwali Edition)

Hello! I am back with a Diwali post :) Blogging is indeed a fascinating medium. I am thrilled that I can talk to you all, sitting at home, and from any part of the world. I have to thank modern technology and my daughter for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Believe me, I am enjoying it immensely :)

  The beautiful glow of warm colors, twinkling lights and fall hues look so attractive, be it here in India or around Anu's home. Here in Delhi, the sun has a mellow golden tinge, with a welcome nip in the air after a long hot summer. It is time for fun and festivities, for shimmering diyas and colorful rangolis, hectic shopping, goodies to feast on and warm exchanges with family and friends. In all this, lets not forget the busy streets and traffic snarls :)

        As I look back, I remember Our first Diwali in my new home 41 years ago. My In laws were visiting me those days. I had long letters from my mother with instructions. The letters took more than week to reach to reach me. I certainly needed it :) The letters were my lifeline and my only reference in those days. Those were the days when you could not get ideas and inspiration with the click of the mouse but from experienced elders :) I remember being happy and excited and yet a wee bit nervous . It was important for me to ensure that my first Diwali goes off well. Luckily, it did :) Thanks to the helpful participation of my in laws, and my enthusiastic planning.  I have always loved to write things down on paper when I am planning something. I did it then and do it even now. This amuses my children a lot. They have now tried to make me " savvy " and adept at using my Ipad or mobile. I do manage to an extent, but I also like being in my comfort zone with my paper and pen :)

          The warm enthusiasm  of my In laws put me at ease, and we collectively worked towards making it a memorable Diwali 41 years ago. It was a fun time. I do remember us all working together. I helped my Father In law mould and cast beautiful earthen Diyas. Yes, we actually made them :) We then had an idea to place the diyas on the pegs and shelves of a mirrored coat and hat stand. The stand was a pretty standard piece of furniture in most homes those days! It was usually placed right at the entrance. On that day, it was the perfect backdrop for our handmade diyas. The diyas were meticulously painted in vivid colors.The effect, I have to say was quite stunning! It looked unusual and the vignette we created as a result was extremely attractive. The diyas sparkled against the backdrop of the mirror on the stand. It caught the eye and fancy of all our friends. I wish, I had some photographs to show you, but I guess the description will have to do :) 
Today, we have a lot available to choose from, but it was not so then. Though, with a bit of ingenuity and creativity we managed pretty well. While, this entire process made our home look attractive, I was pleased about something else as well! Working together with the In Laws was great bonding for a new bride. We certainly broke the ice and made some great memories :)

I have enjoyed reminiscing and sharing my first Diwali with you. I would like to wish you all a very Happy Diwali.

Best wishes


The coat and hat stand in those days looked something like this!

Images: My Dream Canvas Image 2 : Pinterest


lovelifeunderthesun said...

That's a lovely description of a Diwali spent so many years ago! Very well put in :-)...

dokka srinivasu said...

Beautiful narration. Through this post your mother recollect those olden days of 40 years back.

Happy Diwali to you, to your mother and other family members.

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I hope you like my blog and share it with other people and also join as a member to my blog.

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