Monday, July 13, 2015

Lavender Dreams and A Trip

Happy Monday! My apologies for not posting regularly. I am enjoying  the summer with my family. This is a picture I took while visiting a lavender farm this weekend. The farm is in the Olympic Peninsula a few hours drive and a ferry ride from home. The views were gorgeous and the fragrance was intoxicating :) To add to the fun was digging into lavender infused ice cream and lemonade :)

 The vacation continues as I head to Europe soon. Stay tuned as I share my journey with you. I promise you will enjoy it........I will be sharing videos with you as well.

More details about the trip will be in the next post!!

Till then, keep on smiling and enjoy the week!

Image: My Dream Canvas at The Purple Haze Farm!

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Roopini Varadaraju said...

Wow! Great shot and awesome place. Enjoy your vacation 😃

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