Friday, August 21, 2015

From Italy With Love : Decoratng With Souvenirs

When you ask me about things in my home, its very likely a souvenir from one my travels abroad. I cherish my family heirlooms but the rest of the things in my home are hardly expensive or fancy but little objects  with a story to go with it :) When , I look around me....... it brings me back to that day!

I usually look for things a place is famous for. Recently, on my trip to the Amalfi coast I was blown away by the handmade paper the town is renowned for. In a small way its like bringing back a small piece of the town's history. This charming seaside village has made paper for centuries and its one of Italy's ancient traditions. Amalfi began producing paper in the first half of the 12th century. It was one of the  earliest locations where paper was produced in Western Europe. While modern processes are being used today, the paper produced has the same characteristics as the artisan paper once created in Amalfi years and years ago.

I had no desire fill my bags with cute beachy knick knacks, I have no place to display them at home! I chose to bring back a few iconic recipes to put on my kitchen wall. I love the look and the texture of the paper! It also reminds me of all the exquisite pizza we ate during our trip :)

My advice for you, is when you travel look for things that are traditional to the place you visit. Carting heavy things around when you are out for long can be tiresome as well. Sometimes the most unexpected and quirky things can look interesting in your home. I am pleased as a punch with my souvenir from Amalfi :)

What are some of the unusual or interesting things you have picked up on your travels?

Images: My Dream Canvas

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