Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dream Canvas" Dream House "

Hey, I love my current house, don't get me wrong! My little casa has everything I need and more. Especially the people who live in it :) However, every now and then, you stumble upon a place that makes you sigh and daydream. Well, I spotted one such home, high up in a valley in the Dolomite's region of Italy! Can you blame me???

I wonder where do the people who live here go on vacation....perhaps to the beach!! The breathtaking views of the limestone Alps, the alpine valley below....dotted with wildflowers and little cottages, the sound of  cowbells, and the simple beauty of living with nature had me completely swept away!

So what do u think, do you like my new dream home? Lets get talking....what's on your list for a dream home?? Come on....lets daydream together shall we :)

Image: Copyright My Dream Canvas

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FarZain said...

Okay now I am jealous of the people living in your dream house :) My dream house would be something similar like this, with cute little balconies and windows opening into flower boxes. I wouldn't mind the sights of a mountain or the beach. Sigh.. here I am talking from an apartment in a concrete jungle. Oh yeah! and I wouldn't want to commute an hour everyday to work...Got something like that for me? :)


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