Thursday, August 27, 2015

Postcards From English Tea Rooms

Come travel with me to England today. I am sharing postcards of the various tea rooms I visited during my trip! My love for tea is well known to everyone by now :) Most of you share that passion, so you can imagine my joy in savoring a cup of tea in a pretty little English tea room :) 

 I am not too fond of sweets and yet  fruit scones became my weakness on the trip. A wee bit of clotted cream and jam with the scone and I was in heaven :) I took this picture of a small tearoom cum antique store in Staithes, England.
 ( Yes you heard that right ) Staithes is a small seaside village which is off the beaten path. This tea room was the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea! I felt I had stepped into  a different era as I sat there with my family. From the decor, to the tea.... to the best scones I have ever had, this place is truly memorable!

The image below is from at a fancy tea room in York.  The exterior of this tea room has been used in a scene in Downtown Abbey! We stumbled upon it quite by accident. Imagine our excitement :) I remember trying to get my kids to behave as we sat down for some fancy tea :) It was all so charming and elegant. Betty's tea room make their own chocolate. I am sure the chocolates were divine but I was in love with the covers on the chocolate boxes :)

The yummy macaroons..... my daughter had a hard time walking away :)

Another picture of the boxes on display!

I hope you have enjoyed these tea rooms. There are many more pictures and many more stories so stay tuned :)

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