Thursday, October 15, 2015

Memories, Decor and A Discussion

I am back again today with a question for all my readers today! How do you weave your memories into your decor? At the MDC Casa, my decor is extremely personal, it conforms to no rules and follows only my heart :) What about you? What is your secret mantra to make your home personal? 

 I have always wanted my home to speak of my personal style. I literally spell it out :) I weave a story by creating a "heritage display" at home. I collect old photographs and letters of my family and display them around my home. I have diligently been rummaging through closets and albums in my parents' home in Delhi. As a result, I have managed to bring back some lovely photographs to Seattle! You can imagine my excitement when the pictures go up on a wall or find that perfect corner to call home:)

 Yesterday, I came across these vintage style frames which seem perfect for the black and white photographs. The first image is personal favorite. The little girl is my mom :) The picture was taken by my grandfather half a century ago. My Grandfather was a brilliant photographer. At that time....years ago, he had a darkroom in his home where he developed his own prints. I adore this picture as my daughter shares a remarkable resemblance to my mom in this photograph :)

Today, join me in a discussion and lets come up with creative ideas on how to weave memories into decor??? I shall await your thoughts eagerly :)

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ಸೌP said...

For first glance, I thought that little girl is U !!
I too collect old photographs and have a old letter collection, even though never thought of displaying. Once in a while I just go through them, that's all.
and weaving memories in decor, I too do it. Whatever I have displayed in my home has a story attached to it or a memory attached. for eg; a ten year old terracotta pot reminds me of my bachelor days, 7 yrs old budhdha reminds me of our first years of marriage, our first setup home, crochet table linen reminds me of my granny as its handmade by her... list goes on.

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