Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Treasure Hunting For You :)

Good Morning all! My apologies for missing in action! Its been a busy few weeks at the MDC Casa! I am having a wonderful time looking for antique treasures for your home. I previewed a small collection called the Antique Bazaar 2016 via the online store and on our Facebook page. I am pleased as a punch with the fantastic response. My handpicked finds have found lovely homes! While my intentions are good, there are many things that are hard to part with! I am tempted to keep them all for myself. Alas, my home would then turn into a museum or worse a cluttered mess!! Sigh! 
Anyway....I am enjoying this journey of treasure hunting so wish me luck as I trudge along..... 

 Today, I am loving this "Laid Back Look" on the red patina blog. It oozes a casual yet sophisticated vibe with a bit of boho thrown in!

Images: via Red Patina and subject to copyright

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