Tuesday, September 18, 2018

An Enchanting Home in Coimbatore Part 2

Hello There! I gave you a sneak peek into the home of Sigappi Annamalai in  Coimbatore in my previous post and today is Part 2 :) Exquisitely styled with traditional elements that exudes warmth, this a certainly a gorgeous home!

Her design style is both unique and authentic . Her eye for texture, art and other details are exquisite. There is no doubt about how gifted and skilled she is the area of Design and Decor. With an eye for picking 
up interesting pieces, she weaves them seamlessly into her interior style. By defying design rules and stereotypes, the end result feels airy  and fresh.
 Sigappi Annamalai  stays true to her instincts. Her Chettinad background is clearly evident in her home. Traditional brass pieces and artwork combined with unique, fun and artistic finds from her travels come together to showcase a talent which is truly one of a kind.

I do hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour of a beautiful home! What are some of your favorite elements?

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Shalini Nandkeolyar said...

Love the ambiance,the quiet elegance,the soft colours, that form the backdrop for the lovely contrasting artifacts. The home has such a lovely aura.

Unknown said...

lovely soothing house
very calm and serene look

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